A collection of images, videos, etc. related to Dan Engel’s past entrepreneurial endeavors and Engel Ventures’ investment portfolio. 

Dan Engel’s Entrepreneurial Endeavors

In 2020, Dan launched a venture capital firm, Santa Barbara Venture Partners, covered here in Pacific Coast Business Times. 

Dan Engel, Ryan Dewell, Ken White, and Jason Foodman

FastSpring Partners (2012)

Pictured here from left to right are Dan Engel, CEO; Ryan Dewell, SVP Software Development; Ken White, Chief Customer Service Officer; and Jason Foodman, SVP Corporate Development. To see the larger FastSpring team from some time ago, you can view the “FastSpring Family Tree”  here

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Awards (2011)

fasts growing company in north america
fastspring founder dan engel 500 fasts growing companies

FastSpring ranked #1 fastest-growing company in Greater Los Angeles area. Award period covers 2006-2010.

FastSpring ranked #13 fastest-growing company in North America (U.S. and Canada). Award period covers 2006-2010.

FastSpring brand “SaaSy” featured in TechCrunch: Online Subscription Billing Is Still A Hassle, SaaSy Aims To Change That (2011).

Dan Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine (2008)
“Funded by Google”

Dan Featured on Cover of a Business Magazine (2011)

Home Business Magazint Aug 2011

Dan Engel & Tim Dir with FastSpring’s Inc. 500 Award (2011)

Dan Engel and Tim Dir

FastSpring ranked #53 in 2011 Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies (#41 in 2010). See article here

Photo Source: Pacific Coast Business Times, Aug. 26 – Sept. 1, 2011

Morpheus Animation Featured on Yahoo Home Page

yahoo features animation from software startup business from Dan Engel
Software technology company founded by Dan Engel

An animation produced by Morpheus Software, one of Dan’s early software start-ups, is featured on the Yahoo home page. Morpheus’ digital photo animation videos generated over 50 million YouTube views from its multiple videos.

This fun video produced at Morpheus to demonstrate how our software can be used generated 20 million views and was nominated for the 2008 YouTube Awards.

Google Celebrates Picasa Acquisition (2004)

Picasa business acquired by google investment

After Dan helped build GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting, he helped build Picasa, a photo software company acquired by pre-IPO Google in 2004. Picasa’s technology became what is today Google Photos.

A month after Google acquired Picasa in July 2004, Dan had the opportunity to experience Google’s historic IPO on August 19, 2004.

google ipo

Dan Featured in Chilean Business Newspaper When Visiting Santiago, Chile (2004)

“New Guru of Entrepreneurs” is the article’s title when translated. Dan served in Chile as a Mentor to Endeavor, a non-profit organization which helps entrepreneurs in emerging market countries to accelerate their businesses. See article

Dan Engel news article

Dan Featured in Cover Story of the Wall Street Journal (2001)

Dan’s 1st Start-Up’s E-Commerce Store Goes Live (1999)

Launched with the aim of being the “Amazon of Magazine Subscriptions”. As Featured in an article in E-Commerce Times from June 9, 1999. This is the original e-commerce store from 1999, via

Dan Meets Investment Legend Phil Caret (1996)

Phil Carret and Dan Engel
Phil was a founder of one of the country’s first mutual funds and a legendary investor who swapped investment ideas with Warren Buffett’s father Howard Buffett half a century ago. For 55 years, Phil was manager of the Pioneer Fund, a mutual fund he founded in 1928. He pioneered the concept of value investing, introducing it four years before the publication of Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. Warren Buffett said Phil established “the best long-term investment record of anyone in America.” Dan is pictured here at age 19.

Engel Ventures Investments

Apeel Sciences

Stunning time-lapse video of produce treated with Apeel’s plant-based coating. Apeel was our first private company investment in 2014.

Learn about the company behind the world’s only microsatellites capable of generating high resolution imagery, a 2019 investment we made.


See how Bark’s software protects over 5 million kids by monitoring text messages, YouTube, email, and social media for serious safety concerns.

TrackStreet Software

Our portfolio company TrackStreet’s software is used by brands to enforce product pricing policies across the web.


Auren Hoffman, CEO of our portfolio company SafeGraph, discusses the future of machine learning at Data Driven NYC.

Repurpose Compostables

Portfolio company Repurpose is the industry leader in alternative-to-plastic cutlery. Their cups are featured in this episode of Showtime’s Billions.